BioWare’s Spark – You’ve Been Chosen Trailer Your power level is rising in this electrifying live-action trailer for BioWare’s “You’ve Been Chosen” series.


FIFA 15 More Realistic Than Ever With ‘Agility and Control’

A new video from EA Sports shows off FIFA 15’s “Agility and Control” feature, showing how heightened physics adds responsiveness and fluidity to the gameplay.

Players now demonstrate a better ability to counterbalance when moving rapidly, and the movement and personality of real-life players is reflected in their in-game counterparts. For example, Leo Messi, a predominantly left-footed player, will also play with that foot in-game.

New physics has been applied to the ball, which will keep momentum and accurate spin, adding variety and realism to players as they pass, dribble, and control the ball. Additionally, small details such as shoulder barges, fall physics, and even shirt-pulling will be depicted, adding further realism to the game.

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ModBook Pro X: The 15.4″ Retina MacBook Pro Based Tablet Makes its Debut on Kickstarter

The company which previously offered pen-based Mac tablets using parts from Apple’s notebooks, Modbook, has recently announced a new Kickstarter campaign which supports the launch of the “Modbook Pro X,” a pen-based Mac tablet based off of the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro offering. The campaign is looking to raise $150,000 with the hopes of allowing users to send in their own machines for conversions that are being sold at $1,999 or reserve complete systems directly from Modbook for a $3,999 price tag.

Much like any other tech offering nowadays, there will be various Modbook Pro X configurations available

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World of Warcraft Getting Some New Faces– Literally

Soon, the familiar faces in World of Warcraft will be a thing of the past. No, Blizzard isn’t radically altering the look of its gold-standard MMO, but instead it’s bringing characters’ faces inline with more modern graphical techniques.

It’s no easy task, however. According to the latest edition of Artcraft, the low-polygon heads and texture overlays meant things like facial expressions were simply “painted on” the texture. Blizzard points to a sneering Dwarf lip as an example. Before, it was just a simple addition of a sneering lip texture over the relatively flat character model, but with the new facial customization system in place coming with World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, a sneer means adjusting the model to pose a sneer, adding the appropriate textures, then meshing “that base pose with all of the existing emotes and animations.”

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