New Jailbreak Widget Lets You Add Your Favorite Contacts to Notification Center

If you want faster access to your favorite contacts like you have on your Apple Watch, then perhaps a new Notification Center add-on dubbed Favorites will suit your needs. It’s available in Cydia right now compliments of iOS developer IArrays and it integrates with iOS 8’s Today Notification Center API so that you can easily enable it or disable it on demand, just like any other iOS 8 widget for Notification Center.

The widget allows you to add your favorite contacts manually from your Address Book. Once added, you can scroll left and right through them. If you tap and hold on

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‘SilkScreen’ Makes Sharing Screenshots From Mobile Safari Even Easier

A new jailbreak tweak dubbed SilkScreen by iOS developer Suhaib Alfaqeeh has just hit the Cydia Store that makes it easier than ever before to share screenshots taken in Mobile Safari.

The tweak makes it so that whenever you take a screenshot of something in Mobile Safari, a share menu pops up, as shown above, which makes it easy to share with your friends via text message, e-mail, Facebook Messenger, or any other social service that is offered in iOS 8’s share menu.

The tweak saves you the time of having to go to your Photos application

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How to Add Color to the App-launching Animation on Your iOS Device With ‘BlurryLaunch’

If you’re looking to spice up the animation you see when you launch applications on your iOS device(s), then check out a new release called BlurryLaunch by iOS developer Billy Ellis. The tweak lets you customize the application-launching animation with a colorful blur animation that gives you a change in visual animation when you open the various applications on your device.

Shown above, you can see an animated example of the tweak changing the animation of an application launch.

The tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings application

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Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Video Card Review

For the last few weeks, the internet’s been abuzz about AMD’s upcoming flagship GPU—a single-GPU card built to take on Nvidia’s Titan X, but at a presumably lower price. With today’s launch of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Nvidia’s clearly making a preemptive strike against AMD, as you get a card just as fast as the Titan X…but for $650.

If that weren’t enough to grab attention, Nvidia’s also throwing in a copy of Batman: Arkham Knight with each 980 Ti, as well as reducing the price of last September’s GTX 980 to $500. It’s safe to say the gloves are off. (Holy moly are they off.) And benefiting from this brutal slugfest are all PC gamers who’ve been waiting to upgrade.

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