Atlus USA Games Will Now Be Published by SEGA

In an effort to streamline its business operations, SEGA will now publish Atlus USA games, including Persona 5.

According to Game Informer, Atlus fans can rest assured knowing the studio’s branding isn’t going anywhere, as the two companies will continue to operate independently.

SEGA SAMMY acquired Atlus parent company Index Corporation in 2013 for the sizable sum of  ¥14 billion ($141 million). Shortly thereafter, Atlus commented on the purchase, assuring fans the “relationship will be mutually beneficial for both sides” and serve “to further raise

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7 Improvements Coming To The Division Next Month

The Division is getting its 1.1 update on April 12, which will include the new Falcon Lost incursion alongside a host of other new features and tweaks. Check out some of what we can expect from the upcoming update.

Incursions will include two difficulties, Hard Mode and the more difficult Challenge Mode. The producers recommend getting new Gear Sets before trying the Incursions on Challenge Mode. You’ll be able to matchmake for Incursions, with Gear Score serving as a tool to match you appropriately with other players. Incursions, or at least this first Incursion, will not have checkpoints, so failure will mean you need to start over. You can do Incursions as much as you like, but the first time in any weekly challenge will yield the best reward. Rewards for completing Incursions will include new Gear Set pieces and new High-End weapons.

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iPhone 7 May Use New Packaging Technology for Antenna Switching Module to Save Space

Today, rumors have suggested in the past that the iPhone 7 may be thinner and lighter, thinner bezels and better battery life than the current model of iPhone 6S, but a new report from a Korean site shares some technical information of what methods Apple may use to save space internally and shave off precious fractions of up to a millimetre from the device.

Apple is rumored to use a “new fan-out packaging technology” for the antenna switching module and a radio frequency chip in the iPhone 7, which would be a feature that switches LTE and other antennas like GSM and

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iOS 9.3.1 Released to fix Web Links Crashing Bug

Just a few days after promising to fix a bug that caused major crashing issues on iPhones and iPads, Apple has delivered and released iOS 9.3.1 to address the lingering issue.

Days after promising to fix the bug that caused issues with iOS devices, Apple has released iOS 9.3.1 to address the issue.

Apple had promised on Tuesday that it would fix the bug, which has caused some confusion since it began cropping up last week. The timing led many to believe the problem was associated with iOS 9.3, but it turned out it was

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5 Things We Learned About Miitomo and Nintendo’s Digital Future

Nintendo took its first big step into the smartphone market when it launched Miitomo today worldwide. Miitomo is a social app that facilitates funny conversations between friends. The company plans to launch five mobile apps by March 2017. IGN spoke to Nintendo’s product marketing manager Bill Trinen to learn more about the company’s first app, it’s new rewards program My Nintendo, and a few hints about its future plans.

Read on for our interview, and check out IGN’s My Nintendo wiki for more info on the company’s new rewards program. You can follow me and keep up with IGN’s adventures on Miitomo.

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Indie Megabooth Games at PAX East 2016

With PAX East approaching, Indie Megabooth released its full list of games to be showcased on the convention floor.

Dedicated to presenting the best of independent game developers, the indie organization will feature over 80 games—all of which will be playable for the entirety of PAX East. Thumper, Moon Hunters, Night in the Woods, and GNOG are among the games to be displayed.

Kitfox Games’ action roleplaying game Moon Hunters is one of our most anticipated PlayStation 4 and PC games of 2016. It blends Zelda with Diablo in its chaotic, four-player gameplay. Finji Games’ Night in the Woods is another title to keep on your radar in 2016.

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