StreetPass with IGN and Experience Nintendo Voice Chat Live

Do you have a Nintendo 3DS? Do you like IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat podcast? Well, do I have some great news for you! We’re inviting you to come hang out with us for a special StreetPass event and join us for a live recording of Nintendo Voice Chat.

Come hang out with us! There will also be snacks and *gasp* Capcom has provided some prizes you can win.

When Is the Event?

Thursday, July 7, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM PT

Sign up to attend Nintendo Voice Chat Live right here

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We Spent a Week with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that’s coming to smartphones, sets up some awesome possibilities if you’ve ever been a fan of the series: Imagine walking home and discovering a Pikachu or a Snorlax hiding right in your neighborhood. Prior to this, each chapter of the series focused on catching Pokemon in a specific region. This mobile game lets you catch them all over the real world.

This massive project combines the talent of Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Ingress-developer Niantic, and changes the rules of Game Freak’s mainline RPGs series for a smartphone audience. We gave you our brief impressions based on 30 minutes with the game. IGN got access to the closed beta, so we assembled an awesome elite foursome to spend a week catching and collecting Pokemon. Read on as Andrew Goldfarb, Kallie Plagge, Miranda Sanchez, and Jose Otero share their experiences in the Pokemon Go Field Test.

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Capcom Responds to Lingering RE 7 Demo Questions

Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour, a demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 7 Biohazard that was revealed at E3, has offered players plenty of questions and mysteries, leaving the community around it wondering if it’s actually possible to solve the demo’s main goal of escaping the house alive.

“We hope fans are enjoying the demo and discovering all it has to offer. While we can’t confirm any specifics about the demo, the team is definitely keeping an eye on all the feedback,” a representative for Capcom said in response to whether it is possible to leave the house alive and, essentially, find the demo’s “real” ending.

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Splatoon’s Final Splatfest Coming in July

The 16th and final Splatfest will come to Splatoon on July 22, Nintendo announced via the game’s official blog.

Players will choose their allegiance to one of the two Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, with the Splatfest running from 2 a.m. PT on July 22 through 2 a.m. PT on July 24. Voting for teams will begin on July 4 at 7 a.m. PT.

The final Splatfest will feature some region separation for matches — players in Japan will play with players in Japan, while North American and European players will be matched with each other. A Top 100 players list will be announced separately for the players in Japan and those in North America and Europe. Results will be announced at the same time for all regions.

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PlayStation VR Pre-orders Sold Out, No More Until Release

The final wave of PlayStation VR headset pre-orders went live today, but they’re already sold out.

According to Gamespot, a Gamestop representative said its entire allocation of PSVR units sold out “within minutes.”

Sony said yesterday that there won’t be any more pre-order opportunities now, so if you haven’t been able to pre-order, you’ll have to wait until the full release on October 13.

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Capcom Shows Off Rejected Street Fighter 5 Characters

Capcom has revealed a selection of rejected character designs for Street Fighter V. They get pretty odd.

Shown off on Capcom Fighters Network, director Takayuki Nakayama shows off sketches for eight characters and explains parts of their backstory or reasons they were cut.

They include the Fighting Literary Master (“constantly grumbles to himself), the Fighting President (a popular suggestion – he was in the planning for Street Fighter IV, too), Miss Babo (an alternate design for Laura), Soccer Fighter (“way too similar to Roberto from Rival Schools”), Gen’s Disciple (taking over from the now-ill original SF character), The Teacher (a less evil design for F.A.N.G.) and a prototype Shadaloo Soldier that took inspiration from Alien vs. Predator.

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Twitch Launches a Social Eating Category

You’ve probably seen your favorite Twitch streamers eating food before, but now they can do it officially in a new Social Eating category.

The Social Eating category has been rolled out without much fanfare, but a handful of streamers have begun broadcasting on it.

The “muk-bang” originated in South Korea, a trend where streamers will broadcast themselves eating lots of food while talking with the audience.

Last year Twitch launched the Creative category, and there was a huge Bob Ross marathon to celebrate. It features non-gaming streams, such as music composing, video editing, painting, and more.

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