EA Puts the Brakes on Skate 4 Rumors


EA has confirmed there’s no Skate 4. At least, not yet.

On January 28, EA community manager Daniel Lingen got the hype machine primed and ready when he tweeted out “#skate4.” During the question and answer period EA’s quarterly investors call, it flat-out said it’s “not presently making Skate 4.”

That doesn’t mean there’s no future for the Skate franchise, but it just means we may be waiting quite a while before we’re flicking sticks and landing tricks again.

Skate 3 came out way back in 2010. The good news, at least for Xbox One owners, is that Skate 3 is backwards compatible on Xbox One, so you don’t need to pull out your last gen system to play it.

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BioWare Bringing Out New IP Before March 2018


BioWare is making a brand new game that we’ll be able to play surprisingly soon.

The news was announced at EA’s investor meeting today by CEO Andrew Wilson, who described it as an action adventure title set in a “unique new universe.”

“At the end of the fiscal year, our BioWare studio will be delivering an all-new IP,” said Wilson. “A clean-sheet design with new concepts, new gameplay mechanics, and new stories set in a unique new universe. This game has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the way people think about an action title, bringing friends together to play in exhilarating new ways. We’re very excited about the future of this new franchise and its ability to attract a large global audience.”

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Take Place Across Multiple Eras


During its third-quarter earnings call with investors, EA gave more details on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront sequel.

The follow-up is due to release holiday 2017, with EA mentioning the addition of a single player campaign to the sequel. It also said the new Battlefront game has “more heroes and characters” than the original game, and takes place not only in multiple locations, but also across multiple eras within the Star Wars universe.

EA first officially confirmed the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront back in May 2016, and at E3 we learned EA Motive was working on the game. EA has Motive, DICE, and Criterion bringing “their areas of expertise” to the game.

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Rainbow Six Siege Getting a Free Weekend


Ubisoft is letting people try out Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege this weekend for free.

From February 2 to 5, everyone can play the competitive shooter. The Rainbow Six Siege free trial will offer all of the maps, modes and operators available in the full version of the game.

In addition, Ubisoft is promising that all progress will carry over to the main game from the free weekend. Rainbow Six Siege is currently on Year 2 of DLC content.

The shooter has also seen rising numbers of players over the past year.

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A Star Wars Story We Want: The Ancient Jedi


The Star Wars Expanded Universe may be gone, but some of the saga’s grand history involving the ancient Jedi could still be made into amazing standalone movies. A Star Wars Story like Knights of the Old Republic or Dawn of the Jedi, for example, could thrill mainstream crowds and old-school fanboys alike.

Many fans were not happy when Disney declared the EU to no longer be canon (retitling it Legends in the process). But what if the Legends could return? Star Wars Rebels has already introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn into the new timeline, and if the rumors are true that Woody Harrelson is playing Garris Shrike in the Han Solo movie, then Thrawn won’t be the only EU character to be making a comeback. More intriguingly, a recent episode of Star Wars Rebels alluded to a war in the past between the Jedi and Mandalore. Star Wars fans may recall that the Mandalorian Wars were a critical part of the backstory for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which is also one of the all-time great Star Wars video games. If aspects of KOTOR are still canon, then there could be ripe material from that era for a future Star Wars anthology film to explore. And it’s not the only piece of ancient Star Wars history that deserves to be fleshed out on the big screen…

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Kingdom Hearts Pays Homage to Final Fantasy VII


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, and to celebrate, a new Kingdom Hearts image has been released that pays homage to the classic 1997 role-playing game.

The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account posted the following image, which is a clear callback to the box art of the original Final Fantasy VII:

Kingdom Hearts pays homage to Final Fantasy VII, via Twitter

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For Honor Open Beta Coming Next Week


For Honor will be holding an open beta for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 starting on February 9 and ending on February 12, Ubisoft has announced.

The beta will include the Duel, Brawl, Dominion, and a new ‘Elimination’ mode that was not playable during last week’s closed beta. Elimination is described as a “best-of-five series of four-on-four matches with no respawns,” according to Ubisoft.

The beta will also continue the War of the Factions meta game, which lets players pick from the Knight, Samurai, or Viking factions to control territories. The winning faction will claim the best rewards once the full game launches.

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