Marvel Powers United VR: Hulk Smash Never Felt So Good

When I looked up at IGN Editor-in-Chief Steve Butts and saw the Incredible Hulk towering over me at twice my size, then turned around and saw IGN video editor Mark Medina standing there half my size as Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket, I knew that, if nothing else, Marvel Powers United VR would at least make the eternal video game fantasy of feeling like a superhero a little more tangible.

Marvel Powers United is an Oculus Rift exclusive with a fairly straightforward gameplay loop: you and three friends band together and defeat wave after wave of cannon fodder bad guys (and occasional bosses too), competing with each other for the highest score. It’s Halo’s Firefight mode, Gears of War’s Horde mode, or any one of countless others like it. The hook, of course, is that you’re in first-person mode in VR as one of your favorite Marvel superheroes. The final version of Powers will ship next year with over a dozen playable characters, Oculus told me, but only four have been announced so far: Hulk, Rocket, Captain Marvel, and Deadpool.

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