Hearthstone Pros and Personalities on the Game in 2017


I’ve spent a good deal of my gaming life over the last few years obsessed by Hearthstone. It’s a genuinely special game – deeply strategic, infinitely playable, always changing, always surprising and wonderfully presented. It’s also worth noting that I’ve almost definitely spent more time watching Hearthstone than playing Hearthstone in that time. I check in with streams, watch tournaments, follow content creators on YouTube, lurk around the various Hearthstone subreddits and listen to Hearthstone podcasts (plural!) on a weekly basis.

Hearthstone’s community, in other words, is pretty vital. There’s so much to learn, so much to discuss and so much fun to be had that I’m quite happy to divide my time between the community and the game itself. With that in mind, now that there’s a little lull before Knights of the Frozen Throne kicks into gear (more info and card reveals are coming on July 24) I figured this was as good a time as any to take the pulse of some of my favourite pros and personalities within the community. To find out how they’re feeling about Hearthstone right now, what they’d like changed or added, and what they think of the theme for the next set. To do that I gave the same set of six questions to a bunch of people.  We’ll do introductions first, then dive into the questions. And a massive thank you to everyone involved!

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