Pokemon Go Fest Represented the Best and Worst of a Bumpy First Year


I’d only been at Pokemon Go Fest for five minutes the first time I heard someone shout that an ultra-rare Pokemon was nearby. With 20,000 of the most dedicated Pokemon Go fans from around the world in one spot, it wasn’t surprising to see that people were passionate, and the friendly, cooperative spirit that started the day represented everything great about Pokemon Go and its community.

As players ran past me, I joined them, running toward a 10-foot tall physical PokeStop and excited for my first chance to catch an Unown, one of the rarest Pokemon in the game. People were laughing, the weather was great, and everyone had a smile on their face. As I got closer to where the crowd was gathered, I saw Unown pop up on the in-game map. Pokemon Go Fest was already a blast, I thought to myself.

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