Destiny 2: Introducing the latest Crucible PVP mode ‘Survival’

A finite number of lives, permanent death, and coordinated team tactics are the three core elements that make up Destiny 2’s Survival mode. On the surface, adding a limit to the amount of lives that a team can use may seem like a simple tweak to the PVP formula, but it reinforces the competitive philosophy that’s already been established with the addition of Countdown in the Crucible. This is the second of what will hopefully be a plethora of modes that require teams of players to be built before heading into a particular mode. It’s exactly what we hope to see more of in Destiny 2’s PVP offerings.

Survival turned out to be one of our favorite experiences during the trip to Bungie. While not as competitive as a Destiny 1 event like Trials of Osiris, Survival keeps the importance of staying alive while not making the player feel like they haven’t contributed should they get killed once or twice by the opponent. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and we couldn’t help but pull off one ear of our headsets so we could communicate effective strategies. It is, in our brief experience so far, a fantastic addition to the existing pool of PVP options that players already love.

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