PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Invitational Announced

Developer Bluehole Inc. and event organizer ESL have announced a partnership to bring the first PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ LAN invitational, Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2017.

The event will bring together 80 of the world’s best players and influencers for one massive tournament, streaming live on August 23-26. Participants will compete for $350,000 across four different modes, including Solo, Duo, Duo First Person, and Squad. Prizes will be awarded to the players with the best overall score across all modes.

“From very early on we knew that the success of PUBG was reliant on passion of its community. We want to celebrate this by inviting eighty of the top players from around the world to compete in the first offline invitational,” said Chang Han Kim, VP and Executive producer at Bluehole Inc. “It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how quickly our community has grown, and can’t wait to hear about everyone’s experience this summer.”

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