Sundered Review

Sundered has a great understanding of H.P. Lovecraft, which by all appearances is the main literary inspiration behind this semi-roguelike 2D platformer in the tradition of Metroid and Castlevania (or Metroidvania). In the 1930s the horror writer claimed atmosphere and mood were the great aims of his “weird fiction,” and Sundered delivers both in bundles, weaving that evenly into the minimalist, Limbo-like music or the occasionally stunning hand-drawn set pieces that define this world. Smart sound cues impart tension before trouble arrives. Throughout it all a being speaks with the hero in a voice that sounds like Shakespeare spoken through cabbage with a sore throat, suggesting a Cthulhu-like presence but leaving its form to the imagination. Mood, in fact, is often strong enough here that it can prop up Sundered when it sags.

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