20 Years of Diablo: An IGN Retrospective


“Growing up I remember playing Diablo and it being this incredible, amazing experience. One that I played with my brothers. We had so much fun together. And when Diablo II came out, it was mind-blowing. Playing through it felt like a discovery, and I lost an entire summer where I was constantly playing.” That’s Rob Foote, Lead Game Producer on the Diablo III team. He’s been at Blizzard for the past 17 years, and the main reason he applied to for a job there, was Diablo.

For Diablo III Senior Game Designer Joe Shelly, another Blizzard veteran of over 10 years, the experience was similar. Diablo II arrived on the scene while he was at college, working as an intern for a tech company. He would spend evening after evening playing Diablo II, often heading into work tired from very little, or a complete lack of, sleep. “It was instrumental in determining that what I really wanted to do was work in games. And work at Blizzard.”

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