Latest Switch Update Remedies Console’s Battery Bug

With the release of Nintendo Switch’s 3.0.0 update, a new bug was introduced causing some users to experience issues with the system’s battery indicator, which Nintendo has now addressed.

The bug caused the battery indicator to display as though the console was out of charge, even if it had plenty of charge left, or simply not update during the charging process. Luckily Nintendo has acted quickly and pushed out update 3.0.1 to fix the problem.

However the update may not be the quick fix the afflicted might been wanting. According to Nintendo’s support page, you may have to follow a strict set of instructions to completely rid yourself of the bug, which includes switching off specific settings and letting the battery fully charge and fully deplete several times. Its a complicated set of steps that might make your Switch unplayable for most of the day. You can see read the complete instructions over on Nintendo’s support site.

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