Overcooked: Special Edition Review


A well played round of Overcooked feels like dancing in a graceful ballet, except missing a step means your burger burns, the kitchen lights on fire, and a raccoon in a wheelchair plummets into a lake of lava. Actually, maybe it’s nothing like a ballet (although this gives me an idea for a fantastic ballet). But working with your teammates as a well-oiled machine to produce food for an insatiable demon is as rewarding as it is challenging. Overcooked remains one of the most fun couch co-op games I’ve played in years, despite some port problems that keep the Special Edition on the Switch from standing as the definitive version.

The local co-op cook-em-up poses the herculean challenge of asking up to four people to work together for three full minutes at a time, performing relatively simple cooking-related actions to fill food orders. It’s practically a two-button game: one to pick up things like ingredients, pans, or plates and the other to chop, cook, or wash them depending on the station you are standing in front of. But combine those simple controls with the stress of a ticking timer and cleverly designed levels made to mess with you at every possible turn and Overcooked becomes blissfully frantic.

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