Back to School: 10 PC Games to Play With Your Roommates

School is almost back in session, and with it comes new friends and potentially awkward introductions. What better way to break the ice and bond with roommates than over the frantic screams of a great game? We’ve put together a list of 10 PC games that are perfect to play with your roommates, new and old alike. Most of them can be played with local multiplayer, meaning you can forgive your friends if they don’t have a gaming PC, but a few are just too good to pass up for being online-only.

Starting this list off right, Rocket League is one of the ultimate dorm hangout games. Short matches and local multiplayer make it easy to drop in and out between matches, and Rocket League’s ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ design makes it fun to play with people of any skill level. Like physical sports, you can start feeling out your roommate’s style as you play more together, and you’ll start making wordless passes and setting up shots for each other before you know it.

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