Eve: Valkyrie on Hold as CCP Takes Break from VR Market


The team behind Eve Online has put the development of its VR space combat game Eve: Valkyrie on hold.

In an interview with the Iceland Monitor (via Polygon) CEO of CCP Hilmar Veigar Pétursson explains that Eve: Valkyrie will be put “on the shelf” while the company steps out of the VR market for two or three years.

Pétursson indicated this was a direct response to how VR has been received commercially, but also said, “We have been front and center in the second wave of VR,” adding, “Our belief in the long-term transformative power of the technology remains strong.”

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PlayStation 4 Worldwide Shipments Reach 67.5 Million


Sony has revealed that 67.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been shipped as of September 30 this year.

Financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 reveal that Sony Interactive Entertainment sent 4.2 million units to retailers this quarter bringing up the lifetime total to 67.5 million units shipped.

These numbers result in the company raising its predictions to meet 79 million units shipped by March 2018.

Sony’s game and network services which encompass PlayStation and PlayStation Network have also seen an increase in revenue and operating income across the board.

Sony recently held its media showcase at Paris Games week. You can find all the news and trailers from the event in our wrap up and check out 14 new PS4 and PSVR announcements Sony made over the course of Paris Games week.

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Persona Series Tops 8.5 Million Units Sold


The Persona series has reached a new sales milestone. According to SEGA’s 2017 annual report, the franchise has now topped 8.5 million units sold (packaged and digital total) across 13 total editions. The series first launched back in 1996.

Meanwhile, the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, which first launched in 1987 (and which the Persona series spun off from), sits at approximately 7.2 million units sold across 28 total editions. The Yakuza games have sold  10.5 million units across 75 total editions. The first game was released back in 2005.

For more on Persona, be sure to read IGN’s glowing review of Persona 5, which we scored a 9.7. Also check out what might be next for Persona 5 developer Atlus and read about the upcoming Persona 5 anime TV series.

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How Nintendo Switch Owners Play the System


Nintendo has revealed how Switch owners are utilizing the hybrid system.

At Nintendo’s recent financial briefing, the company showed that around half of Switch owners use the console in both modes: TV and handheld. But what might be surprising is that more people play the system mainly undocked than hooked up to the big screen.

2017-10-31 Nintendo released this graph at a recent financial briefing to highlight how people are utilizing the Switch. (Courtesy of Nintendo)

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Nintendo Says 3DS Sales Are Stable, Even After Switch


Nintendo has made a point to show that Switch sales haven’t significantly impacted 3DS hardware numbers so far.

During a recent financial briefing, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said, “Even after Nintendo Switch sales began, sales of the Nintendo 3DS family remain stable, as you can see here.” He was pointing to a graph that’s showcased below.

unnamed Nintendo highlights how 3DS sales have stayed stable this year, even after Switch’s release. (Courtesy of Nintendo)

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Ghosts of Tsushima What History Tells Us About Its Setting


While the opening cinematic had a lot of us thinking about Tenchu or Onimusha (or, in my case, Shogun Total War), the happiest part of the Ghost of Tsushima debut during Paris Games Week was the announcement that Sucker Punch would be developing the game. The studio’s been silent for three years since the last Infamous DLC, so we’re happy to see what the team behind Infamous and Sly Cooper has been up to.

And though there aren’t many details yet on what the game is actually like, the historic setting does give us a couple of clues.

The game is set during the First Mongol Invasion of Japan, which took place in 1274. The Kublai Khan had already established a dynasty in China and claimed Korea. Upon reaching the sea, his next target was the island of Japan. He made multiple demands to the Emperor of Japan, encouraging him to submit to Mongol rule. Anticipating the Emperor would reject these offers, the Great Khan was, at the same time, constructing an invasion fleet. When the rejections did come, the Khan set sail with thousands of soldiers and hundreds of boats.

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