Forza 7 Fate of the Furious Car Pack Revealed

Turn 10 Studios, in collaboration with Universal Studios, has announced the Fate of the Furious Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 7.

The DLC features 10 vehicles inspired by the most recent Fast & Furious film, which will be free to those who purchase the Forza 7 Ultimate or Deluxe Editions, according to Xbox Wire. The pack will also be available as a standalone download for $10 USD. Get a closer look at each of the new cars in the slideshow below.

This isn’t the first time these two racing franchises have collided — Microsoft and Universal previously released Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, a standalone version of Forza Horizon 2 featuring cars and a storyline from the Fast & Furious series. And it’s also not the first Fate of the Furious gaming crossover this year, as Rocket League received Fast and Furious-based content earlier this year.

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Out This Week: SNES Classic Edition, Cuphead, Hive Jump

With so many new games and movies coming out, it can be hard to keep up. Lucky for you, IGN is here to help with a weekly round-up of the biggest releases each and every week. Check out the latest releases for this week, and be sure to come back next Monday for a new update.

Note: The prices and deals compiled below are accurate at the time we published this story, but all are subject to change.


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Team Fortress 2 Female Character Concept Designs Revealed

A Valve concept artist has shown off his pitched designs for female versions of the Team Fortress 2 line-up.

Drew Wolf showed off the many images on his website, saying they were part of “an internal pitch project aimed to bring female characters to the cast of Team Fortress 2.”

Going by the pictures (below), these characters would have been female reskins of the existing TF2 classes, not entirely new additions.

Wolf’s description continues: “I was responsible for story, character development and visual design. With the exception of their class function, It was important that each design presented an entirely new character. I wanted these characters to live on their own and add dimension to the current roster of in-game characters. The goal of the project was to dive deep into possibilities and facilitate creative discussion.”

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Total War: Warhammer 2 Review

As a series, Total War tends to give its best when building on an already established foundation. Napoleon surpassed Empire, Attila surpassed Rome 2. And so, in faithful fashion, has Total War: Warhammer 2 pushed beyond the original Total War Warhammer, creating the most fleshed-out and engrossing campaign this veteran strategy and tactics series has offered to date.

The standard trappings are all present in top form. A sprawling campaign map that’s possibly the best-looking one Creative Assembly’s artists have ever put together. Real-time battles with reasonably competent AI (not always a given for Total War) who seem to know how to play to each army’s strengths and weaknesses – if only in a pre-set, somewhat predictable way. You build cities and research tech to unlock new units and improve your economy and fighting capacity, with each of the new factions having a fairly innovative way of doing so.

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Original XCOM Creator Was Asked to Work on Mario + Rabbids

Creator of the original XCOM Julian Gollop was asked to work on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Gollop, who worked at Ubisoft Sofia for six years between 2006-2012, told that his ex-colleague and Mario + Rabbids creative director Davide Soliani called him about three years ago to ask him to work on an upcoming game.

“I didn’t know at the time that the project he was talking about was Mario + Rabbids, he couldn’t say what it was,” Gollop says.

However, Gollop had just left Ubisoft to begin work on Chaos Reigns at his new studio Snapshot Games.

“Had I been at Ubisoft I may have worked on it,” said Gollop.

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Dev Lays Off Most Staff

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture developer, The Chinese Room has temporarily ceased development and laid off the majority of its staff.

In a blog post on the company’s website, studio co-founder Dan Pinchbeck explains the decision:

“The situation – between financial pressures, trying to keep the lights on for the employed team, the stress of end-of-development, health issues – just wasn’t a tenable thing anymore. It was time to take a break, recharge, recover and have a good think about the future”

“So we let our team go. Lay-offs are never pleasant, particularly when you’re all trying to wrap a game.”

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PlayStation Australia Giving Away Real-Life Platinum Trophies

PlayStation Australia has launched a competition that rewards trophy hunters with real life Platinum Trophies.

PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters is described as “a competition for gaming connoisseurs to play, compete and be rewarded for their hours of effort to unlock every in-game trophy.”

PlayStation Australia has crafted four physical Platinum Trophies to reward the most passionate players who Platinum games.  The competition kicks off with FIFA 18 from September 26th, where players can share a screenshot of their FIFA Platinum trophy to go in the draw to win a physical one. Trophies will also be awarded to those who Platinum Gran Turismo Sport and Call of Duty: WWII.

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