Ask Bungie Anything About Destiny 2

As both the Destiny 2 beta and our month of IGN First coverage on Destiny 2 wind down (catch up here if you’ve missed anything), we’ve all learned a lot about the game. So it’s time to turn the microphone over to you and let you ask Bungie your best questions. Please post in the Comments section below and, once we gather enough good questions, we’ll send them to Bungie to have them answered.

Check back on Friday, July 28 for Bungie’s answers. In the meantime, enjoy the beta!

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Destiny, Halo Writer Joins Crackdown 3

Former Destiny and Halo writer, Jon Goff, is helping pen Microsoft’s long-awaited Crackdown 3.

In an interview with Paste, Goff reflected on his perspective writing for Crackdown 3 and how it’s different from his past experiences:

“With Crackdown, I wouldn’t say it’s like working on comics and games like Destiny and stuff I’ve done with Halo, because I’ve done a lot of

with heroes and building the world through the hero’s eyes,” Goff said.

“The fun thing we’re getting to do with Crackdown here, though we still have the hero and the agents … I’m getting to spend a lot of time with the villains. We’re building this cadre of villains that are enemies you love to hate.”

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New Steven Universe Character Revealed for Save the Light

Steven Universe: Save the Light dropped its first official gameplay trailer today, which unveiled new and returning characters and showed off some of the “fusion characters” that will be available in battle.

While the upcoming action RPG from Cartoon Network still hasn’t revealed its main villain, the trailer does spotlight a new gem exclusive to the game, named Squaridot. Squaridot can be seen in the new footage defending the Great North in a spherical attack drone.

See the new Steven Universe: Save the Light trailer below.

Peridot was also revealed as a playable character, shown constructing a toaster turret during one of Save the Light’s turn-based battles. Some of the fusion characters available in combat include Stevonnie (Steven and Connie), Opal (Amethyst and Pearl) and Sardonyx (Garnet and Pearl).

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Metroid: Samus Returns Could Be the Metroid: Zero Mission Follow-Up I’ve Always Wanted

Metroid: Zero Mission introduced me to sidescrolling Metroid games, and while that form of Samus Aran’s adventures has remained as frozen as a Chozo statue ever since, I’ve long wanted to see the franchise’s older iteration be given the same treatment. Zero Mission remains one of my favorite platforming experiences more than a decade later, having made something old feel fresh and as vital as when it first debuted.

Thankfully, playing through the demo of Metroid: Samus Returns, which IGN first went hands-on with at E3, has me hopeful it could be the Zero Mission sequel I’ve wanted all this time. Though I’m wary some changes could rob the full experience of the franchise’s magic, many of the additions felt like smart ways of modernizing the original game without completely altering the adventure players remember.

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Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Released on Steam

A free multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3 is now available for download on Steam.

The mod is from Nanos, a small team of programmers working independently from Square Enix. With the multiplayer mod, players can access various multiplayer modes, such as Team Death Match, Free Roam and Custom Races, on different servers with their own characteristics.

Players who are proficient with CSS, HTML and JavaScript can also make small tweaks to the game, like vehicle enhancements, and make more significant changes that will alter the game’s world.

While the mod is free, you’ll need a PC copy of Just Cause 3 to access it.

For IGN’s thoughts on Avalanche Studios’ action game, read IGN’s Just Cause 3 review.

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