Pokemon Go Reveals New Rules for Mewtwo Raids


Niantic has announced new details about Pokemon Go’s invitation-only EX Raids, including new criteria and rewards.

In a blog post on Pokemon Go’s official site, Niantic announced that EX Raids have left the “field test” phase and have now officially launched. Invitations will still only be sent if a player has previously completed a raid at a gym where an EX Raid appears, and EX battles are most likely to appear at gyms in parks and sponsored locations (such as Sprint and Starbucks stores in the United States).

Players with a high-level gym badge at a particular gym or with a large number of raid battles completed overall are more likely to receive invitations, and EX Raid battle times will now “take into account popular Raid Battle times at that Gym,” according to the post. If an EX Raid is canceled, players will receive Stardust and Premium Raid Passes as a consolation.

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Super Mario Odyssey Jump-Rope Glitch Discovered


A glitch has been discovered that allows players to get absurdly high scores in Super Mario Odyssey’s jump-rope challenge.

Kotaku reports that a newly discovered glitch has the leaderboard filled with scores all the way up to 99,999. This method has been dubbed the “Talkatoo glitch” as it uses the helpful bird close to the jump-rope challenge to cause the camera to freeze and suspend animations.

To get the glitch to work, players throw Cappy at the bird and talk to him just before Cappy reaches his mark, which eventually leads to Mario frozen in place as the rope moves cleanly around him.

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Beyond: Can We Talk About Battlefront 2 Without Yelling?


Everyone’s sick or away for Thanksgiving, so this week join Max and Brian as they run down Star Wars Battlefront 2’s incredibly problematic launch, as well as trying to have an objective and measured discussion about what the game does wrong and what it does right. Meanwhile, Skyrim VR is Skyrim in VR, so if you like Skyrim, and you like VR, you’ll probably enjoy it.

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    Battle Chef Brigade Review


    Not unlike a stew, Battle Chef Brigade could only be as good as the ingredients it’s cooked with. Fortunately, a hearty mixture of puzzles, platforming, and even a dash of visual novel-style storytelling help keep this melange fresh most of the way through its six lengthy courses.

    Despite all the other diverse activities involved, Battle Chef Brigade’s engaging match 3-style cooking puzzles are your main means of progression through the campaign. The gradual introduction of modifiers, including poison gems and increasingly complex sets of tools with different bonuses and multipliers, ensure that this aspect never becomes too easy to whisk through, and never so difficult that you’ll want to toss your Switch in the oven. The challenge in Battle Chef Brigade is often dependent on how prepared you are when heading into a match, which consists of a combat phase and a puzzle phase.

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    Making a Monster in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus


    Full spoilers for Wolfenstein 2 ahead.

    Wolfenstein’s Frau Engel is one of the most startlingly terrifying onscreen characters in recent memory, murdering and maiming with unabashed sexual aggression and a freewheeling god complex. If the alt-right hate Wolfenstein 2 for being mean to Nazis, they surely despise Engel, a Nazi general so blatantly evil that chopping off the head of protagonist BJ Blazkowicz feels like an act of mercy.

    She is a character built by many, but much of her realization can be attributed to Nina Franoszek, the charismatic and eloquent Berlin-born actress who has played her since 2011’s Wolfenstein: A New Order. Franoszek’s performance is a marvel; all chaotic laughs and sudden changes in mood, a Jekyll and Hyde performance where there’s only Evil and More Evil.

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